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ukncsa.orgUk National Cyber Security Association

UK 1 National Cyber
Security Association™

The UKNCSA™ has been established to provide encourage greatest growth and innovation through operating in a secure digital environment. It is free to join.

The UKNCSA promotes learning and security improvement and provides a central focal point for both cyber security solutions providers and business users of these solutions.

The UKNCSA benefits from receiving intel from GCHQ, the National Crime Agency (NCA) with it’s special unit: the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), and of course the NCSC. This information including important activity warnings about new threats and recommendations for effectively defending the business is published for the benefit of all members. Dialog with these organisations also results in members concerns being presented.

The UKNCSA is not a Government agency and does not receive funding from the Government. This position enables the association to maintain it's independence and to actively voice the concerns of it's members.

UKNCSA™ is the National Cyber Security Association™ for the UK.
It is a highly regarded, independent association established for the benefit of it's members. It is established for Consultants, SMEs, and larger Corporations.


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UKNCSA™ is the National Cyber Security Association™ for the UK.
UKNCSA is administered by UKNCSA Ltd.
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